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Talgo XXI

The first high speed train with Talgo gauge change system that allows trains to change the track gauge without needing to stop. 

The Talgo XXI, a versatile model which was designed for high speed services, intercity and regional services, is a high performance train that holds the world record of high speed with diesel traction (256 km/h).

Maximum commercial speed 220 km/h
Maximum acceleration on curves 1.5 m/s2
Fixed track gauges 1668 mm / 1520 mm / 1435 mm
Variable track gauges (optional) 1668 <> 1435 / 1520 <> 1435 mm
Traction units 2


Installed power 1500 kW / 1800 rpm

Bo’T rear bogie shared with the adjacent tilting type coach

Wheelbase (bogie tractor) 2.8 m
Maximum weight per axle

18 t.

Braking systems

Hydrodynamic and Pneumatic on discs


15 m

Height 3.6 m
Operating direction Two-way (“push-pull”)
Operation with two trains, from a single driving position
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Talgo XXI Structure



bullet_13_11 Maximum safety, reliability and comfort.
bullet_13_11 Independent wheelsets on the hauled axles, which avoid the yaw movement and a great adaptability to any track.
bullet_13_11 Intermediate axles permanently guided on the track by a strong guidance mechanism that maintains the wheels parallel to the track under all circumstances.
bullet_13_11 High comfort tilting suspension on the intermediate axles, with natural tilting of the carbodies towards the inside of the curves.
bullet_13_11 Articulated couplings between the coaches with anti-overturning and anti-overlapping systems.
bullet_13_11 Maximum cost effective operation.
bullet_13_11 Lightweight coaches with very low weight per seat and reduced energy consumption in commercial use.
bullet_13_11 Minimum aggressiveness and wear and tear on the tracks, due to the guided axles with interdependent wheels.
bullet_13_11 Zero energy consumption for tilting the carbodies on the curves.
bullet_13_11 Maximum operating versatility.
bullet_13_11 Maximum travelling speed: 220 km/h.
bullet_13_11 Engine coaches with driver cab at both ends of the train, allowing it to be operated as “Push-Pull”.
bullet_13_11 Multiple operation with two trains, from a single driving position.


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