null Talgo creates ‘Inspire’, an initiative to build up alliances with startups to design the mobility of the future


03 Jul 2023

Talgo creates ‘Inspire’, an initiative to build up alliances with startups to design the mobility of the future

  • This initiative aims to create and develop projects in collaboration with startups to promote innovative and sustainable transport
  • It will be developed under the venture client model, working with emerging companies via customer-supplier agreements
  • The platform is aimed at startups with technologies applicable to both products and processes within the mobility sector and offering disruptive solutions
  • ‘Inspire’ calls for collaboration between rail industry players to work together on the future of mobility

Madrid, July 03, 2023

Talgo, leading company in the design, manufacture and maintenance of high-speed light train, launches ‘Inspire’, an initiative with which it intends to work and forge agreements with emerging companies that share an innovative vision of a sustainable, responsible and technologically advanced future in the field of mobility. With innovation as part of Talgo’s DNA, ‘Inspire’ represents a further step by the company to position itself at the forefront of innovation and technology in the railway sector through the creation and development of projects in collaboration with startups from all over the world under the venture client model. With this initiative, Talgo once again reaffirms its commitment to the environment as well as its commitment to sustainable mobility in the railway sector through advanced technologies.

Emilio García, Director of Innovation at Talgo, said: “We are looking for start-ups that have developed solutions with a positive impact that can be applied to products and processes in the mobility sector and that want to become a global benchmark. At Talgo, we will place all our expertise and assets at their disposal to work together for the benefit of clean transportation and the present and future of mobility”.

Talgo Inspire comes as a catalyst for entrepreneurial talent and seeks to be an injection of innovation in the railway sector. “We seek to identify and work with startups that have designed disruptive products and services and become the connecting bridge between these pioneering ideas and the railway sector, providing opportunities for growth and global expansion. After three years of working on this process internally, we want to publicly launch this vehicle with which we do not aim to accelerate startups, but rather to work under the venture client model, which allows us to work with emerging companies via customer-supplier agreements. We have a clear, agile, and efficient process and we are looking for partners with whom we can challenge conventions and reinvent the way we move. We must not forget that the railway is a means of transportation that is destined to be the backbone of global mobility, mainly because it is more sustainable and less polluting than other alternatives”, says Emilio García. 

Talgo Inspire represents an open door to collaboration and co-creation of the future of mobility and the railway industry, a sector destined to become the means of transportation of choice in the coming years due to the strong involvement of governments around the world and civil society in the reduction of emissions and sustainability. In this sense, Talgo, with its light trains and its constant technological reinvention, has become the international benchmark in the manufacture of railway rolling stock, distinctions that have earned the company the trust of Europe’s leading train operator, the German federal railway company Deutsche Bahn.

As such, Talgo gives visibility to the future of the industry and offers an opportunity to those companies with which it shares vision and synergies.

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About Talgo

Talgo S.A. is a leading company in the design, manufacture and maintenance of high-speed light trains with a manufacturing presence, among other countries: in Spain, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United States. The Company is recognized worldwide for its innovative capabilities, unique and distinctive technology and reliability. Talgo is Renfe’s main supplier of high-speed and ultra high-speed trains and the supplier of trains in the “Haramain” high-speed railway line project between Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. Talgo is also the manufacturer chosen by the German operator Deutsche Bahn and the Danish operator DSB to decarbonize its network with the Talgo 230 long-distance trains.  

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