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Avril: Maximum Capacity at High Speed, with Optimal Comfort

Talgo Avril is our most advanced train and the best solution for railway operators with high capacity demands. Avril combines maximum speed, low energy consumption and a high capacity of more than 600 passengers in an extremely lightweight single-deck train. AVRIL is the most efficient high-speed train in the world.

Talgo has developed a technological platform to meet the current and future needs of a demanding rail market. Avril is a high-speed train that not only increases the number of passengers an operator can carry on each journey, but makes loading and unloading at stations a much faster process.

Increased capacity on a single floor

Talgo’s exceptional design for its trains, which are based on short articulated vehicles, allows for the use of lighter bodyshells. This is again the case with AVRIL, which offers a greater width for the operator but without exceeding the infrastructure loading gauge.

A flexible layout with room to spare

Talgo AVRIL is the widest very high-speed train available on the European market today, and it offers various seating arrangements:

Rapid passenger flow at stations

Thanks to our efforts to increase the seating capacity of a single floor train, and the unique quality of Talgo trains in which the floor is situated at platform level, AVRIL is the world’s most accessible transport solution.

A solution for every need

Talgo AVRIL train is designed to be adaptable to the individual needs of every operator. With maximum reliability, high interior comfort and low operating costs as baselines, the client is able to decide which solution suits them.

Less weight, more efficiency... More productive all around

Transporting more than 600 passengers at 330km/h is Avril's main claim to fame, but it's not the only one. After all it is the world's lightest high-speed train, which means it can offer drastic reductions in operating costs.

Technical features