Certificates - corporate


With eight decades of experience in the railway sector, Talgo is a reference not only for the technology behind the success of its products, but also for its proven ability to standardize its procedures and production systems in different environments. The company makes a continuous effort to adapt its operations and systems to the most demanding technical regulations, and thus complies with the highest standards.


The ISO 27001 standard is an international regulation containing the best available practices to protect a company’s information confidentiality, integrity and availability, using mainly a risk management approach. This standard defines the requirements for the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The ISMS identifies the security measures needed to guarantee the company information protection. The objective is to protect the functions and the information from losses, thefts or alterations, while protecting the computer systems from intrusions and failures.

The company believes Information Security is an essential value to guarantee business success and a future in a growingly global and competitive market. The ISMS Implementation Project and the certification under the ISO 27001 standard is the main proof of the management's commitment to these principles.

WHY ISO/IEC 27001?

The ISO/IEC 27001 standard on Information Security Management has multiply benefits for the companies that get it, and for those who contract with it. Also, it allows:

  • To identify the risks and establish controls to manage or eliminate them
  • Confidentiality, ensuring that only those who are authorized can access the information
  • Flexibility to adapt the controls to all the company areas or only to selected ones
  • Get interested parties and customers to trust data protection
  • Demonstrate compliance and achieve a preferred supplier status
  • Reach and exceed market expectations