null Talgo presents its new regional and suburban train at Innotrans


21 Sep 2016

Talgo presents its new regional and suburban train at Innotrans


EMU Talgo is a totally flexible and adaptable train that can run at up to 160 km/h and benefits from Talgo’s unique technology. It has two critical competitive advantages: it has the greatest accessibility in the market and the lowest energy consumption of its category. The company considers that these two features will let operators reduce the chronic income-costs imbalance and maximise the capacity of already saturated lines and of those that are in the way of it in the next future.

The most accessible and efficient train

EMU Talgo is the only train of its segment to offer the greatest capacity thanks to its continuous low floor which is only 550 millimetres up from the railhead and guarantees an optimal accessibility. As travellers can get on and off board at the same level of the platform, wait time between stations is significantly reduced. They can also move all along the train without interior steps which helps distribute and balance the load during peak hours.

Besides, Talgo’s objective with this new product is that passenger transportation companies can reduce their energetic consumption and lower the cost of maintaining rolling stock and infrastructure, as both elements have a critical weight in the operating P&L statement. In order to reach the greatest efficiency, EMU Talgo reduces down to the indispensable the time in which the wheel flanges contact the inner side of the rail in order to minimise the wear of both components of the interface and the cost of traction. This not only leads to less exploitation and maintenance costs but also a to a best weight-power relation.

With this new development, Talgo targets the heart of the commuter and regional trains segment where tenders are expected between 2017 and 2019 at an estimated value of 12 billion euros on a global scale.

Sustainable technological development

In the context of the railway fair InnoTrans 2016, which gathers the latest development in the railway sector every two years, Talgo has presented its very high speed train and high capacity train AVRIL. The Spanish company has invested over 50 million euros and has recently received all certifications required for its approval.

Technological innovation goes hand in hand with the environmental care in the new developments of the Spanish manufacturer, which is why Talgo AVRIL is faster, more efficient, lightweight and adaptable to the needs of the operator and has technical solutions never before applied and tested in a high-speed train such as gauge change. This feature allows the train to circulate on high speed European standard gauge tracks as well as on conventional Iberian gauge tracks. Talgo AVRIL's carriages are wider than the train carriages currently circulating in Europe, thus providing travellers with more space in one single story, without reducing comfort.

Both Talgo AVRIL's certification and the presentation of Talgo EMU are two major milestones for Talgo, but also for the Spanish industry, as the trains are being developed and manufactured entirely in Spain. Both products are part of the technological development which has accompanied the company during its more than 70 years.


The Spanish manufacturer has been progressing on a solid path towards internationalization and has managed to position itself as a global actor in the manufacturing and maintenance of high-speed trains, acting as spearhead of the Spanish technology expansion in the railway sector.

Thanks to this strategy, the company is now able to target new and different markets such as the US, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan, where Talgo has taken its unique technology, adapting it to different geographic conditions and incorporating these experiences to its knowhow, which lets the company preserve its innovative spirit and constantly improve its products.

Talgo will be at the Stand no. 105, Hall 4.2 at Innotrans. The Stand has been decorated with the aesthetics of the AVRIL train so that visitors can access and see the inside of this new train.


Notes to editors:

TALGO S.A. is a leading specialized rolling stock engineering company mainly focused on designing, manufacturing and servicing technologically differentiated, fast, lightweight trains with industrial presence in seven countries: Spain, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and United States. The Company is renowned worldwide for its innovation capacity, its unique technology and reliability. TALGO is the rolling stock provider for the Haramain high speed railway line between La Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia.


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