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Talgo 250 Dual: High Speed on Every Line

Talgo 250 Dual is a product without peers on the market. It is the only train that enables operators to overcome all barriers to seamless operation potentially saving millions in costly electrification work.

Designing a high-speed train capable of offering a high-range of features on any railway network, even those with different track gauges, electrification and signalling systems, and long sections of non-electrified line, was often viewed as an impossible feat. It wasn't.

Talgo 250 Dual is unique in its versatility. A Talgo 250 spin-off, this high-speed all-rounder can, just like its forerunner, operate without having to halt when changing gauge and use any power supply from the overhead line. Add to this the technology to make operating services on non-electrified lines possible, as well optimised accessibility, low energy consumption and the lowest operating costs, then you have a train that can meet any requirement.

Versatility and flexibility

Talgo 250 Dual is the first high-speed train in the world to offer a hybrid solution for long-distance services. Operators can now extend their services to destinations not on the electrified railway network, making it possible for them to cover greater distances and in some cases, say goodbye to the cumbersome process of switching track-gauge when crossing borders.

With or without electricity

Talgo 250 Dual can operate using any electrification system currently available worldwide, and even on tracks without an overhead line because it is equipped with electric generators. Operators can therefore expand their service options while taxpayers are not forced to bear the cost of expensive electrification works.

Light and efficient, with shorter travel times

Talgo's articulated vehicles and the use of its independent rodal (Talgo truck) technology reduces the number of wheels and therefore the train’s curb weight. Natural tilting technology also reduces travel times on old, winding routes without sacrificing reliability.

Accessibility and comfort

As is the case with all of our products, Talgo 250 Dual offers features not available anywhere else on the market. Among them is the platform height entry on the single deck train, which offers straightforward entry and exit, and a level floor throughout to improve movement when onboard the train. In addition, our distinct on-board features offer passengers the opportunity to make the most of their journey, while railway operators have the opportunity to increase the range of services available.

Technical features