11 May 2017

TALGO obtains net profit of 15.6 millon euros with 23.1% margins

Talgo S.A., Spanish leader in the design, manufacturing and maintenance of high-speed trains, registered net revenue of 121 million euros in the first quarter of 2017, as compared to 150.1 million euros obtained in the same period of the previous year. This decrease was offset by the increase in operating margins up to 23.1% as a result of projects profitability review and the mix of projects under execution. Adjusted EBITDA corresponding to the first quarter of 2017 reached 28 million euros. Net profit amounted to 15.6 million euros.

Talgo’s net revenue and operating margins depend on the execution phases of manufacturing and maintenance projects. Talgo’s Q1 2017 results reflect the continuity of the manufacturing activity, particularly of its international manufacturing projects in Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan, supported by the solid and recurring maintenance activity and the commercialization of maintenance equipment.

In Saudi Arabia, the company is making good progress in the manufacturing and testing of the 36 trains for the Mecca-Medina's high speed project. In Kazakhstan the company is efficiently developing another of its major projects, having started manufacturing a second order of 603 passenger coaches after Talgo adapted manufacturing schedules to the client’s requirements.

On May 9th, Talgo held its Annual General Meeting during which the Board and Management team received the support of the majority of the company’s shareholders and suggested proposals were passed with a prevailing majority. In the AGM, Talgo’s shareholders approved the distribution of a 10 million euros pay-out through a scrip dividend plan.

Strategic opportunities

Ahead of the next 24 to 30 months, Talgo will intensify its commercial activity in order to continue to reinforce its order book with quality projects that guarantee the sustainability of its business model.

The company has identified commercial opportunities with a total value of €8.5bn for the period 2017-2020. The potential contracts will mainly be awarded in Europe, Asia and the MENA region (Middle East and Northern Africa). The identified pipeline include high-speed rail projects – the market segment with higher growth potential in the next years – along with other manufacturing and maintenance projects for long-distance coaches, market segments in which Talgo’s experience and unique technology represent clear competitive advantages. During the first quarter of the year, Talgo has bid for manufacturing projects in Spain and the MENA region with a total value of approximately 480 million euros.

The company has also identified a number of opportunities in the regional and commuter train segment where Talgo expects to penetrate in the short-medium term, and for which it has developed its regional-commuter train Talgo EMU. This new development is a completely flexible and adaptable technological platform with a maximum commercial speed of 160 kmph and equipped with Talgo’s unique technology. It is the only train of its segment to offer the greatest capacity and the lowest energy consumption.

New ongoing projects
Regarding its order intake, Talgo has started to overhaul Los Angeles Red Line rolling stock and to upgrade relevant technologies onboard its rail vehicle fleet, having been awarded the contract in September 2016. With this contract Talgo has set foot in a new market segment which is considered to become another growth lever for the Spanish company.

Ahead of the next months, the company will prepare for the start of the manufacturing of the new very-high-speed train Avril in the first quarter of 2018. Last December, Spanish railway operator Renfe awarded Talgo a contract to supply 15 very high-speed trains and their maintenance during 30 years, with an option to supply a second block of 15 additional trains. The company will provide Renfe with its most advanced very high-speed train Talgo Avril which is a faster, lighter, more efficient and sustainable train.

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Photography contest “Talgo Trains”



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