30 May 2019

Uzbekistan acquires two additional Talgo 250 trains for its high-speed fleet

•    The contract amounts to 57 million euros with deliveries planned for 2021
•    Talgo strengthens its position as the only high-speed supplier in Central Asia    

The national railway company of Uzbekistan (UTY) has confirmed today the decision to acquire two new high-speed Talgo trains, which will be identical to those already in service in the country, the only one of its kind in Central Asia. The contract amounts to 57 million euros and the project foresees the delivery of the first units to start passenger operation in 2021.

The announcement of the awarded contract confirms the confidence placed by this operator in Talgo´s rolling stock over the last decade and particularly in the T250 trains, able to achieve seamless interoperability worldwide.

The contract has been formalized with the signing for the financing of the project, approved by the Council of Ministers and granted to the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Fund for the Internationalization of the Enterprise (FIEM), due to the high Spanish component of the project.

The T250 trains are made up of 11 coaches and two power heads at each end, which can circulate at a speed of up to 250km/h, while remaining capable of adapting to every curve, and to develop the maximum top speed on conventional lines thanks to Talgo’s tilting technology. This technology enables the train to improve the speed in curves by up to 25%, reducing journey times in the existing lines without having to invest in new infrastructure.

The new trains will also operate under the Afrosiyob brand and will connect the capital Taskent, with Samarkand, and the cities of Qarshi, Bukhara and Jiva, together with the four units already in service.

The first two Talgo 250 trainsets of nine passenger cars each were purchased in 2009 and started operating in 2011. Four years later, the operator UTY acquired two new compositions, with 11 coaches each, which started circulating in 2017.

The awarded project includes, in addition to the supply of two new units, the manufacture of four additional coaches to add to the existing nine-coaches trains which were purchased in 2009. The final fleet will consist of six trains with 11 passenger cars each.


About Afrosiyob

Afrosiyob trains comfortably comply with strict requirements to operate in Uzbekistan’s extreme weather conditions, which can reach peak temperatures of 40ºC during the summer months, and frequently plummet below -25ºC during the winter season.

  • Power rating of 4.8MW and power supply at 25kV 50hz.
  • Maximum speed of 250km/h, with much lower energy consumption than other trains with the same characteristics.
  • Trains suitable for 1520mm gauge infrastructure which runs from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

Afrosyob trains are designed and equipped to offer a far superior service to the equivalent road journey. The trains are divided into three classes and are designed to satisfy the specific needs of the operator.

  • Universal accessibility with low floor at the same height throughout the entire train.
  • 11 cars, distributed in three different classes: Standard, Business and VIP.
  • Constant air conditioning and optimal isolation for winter weather.
  • Bar-buffet car and catering facilities at-seat in all classes.
  • Maximum safety due to the layout of articulated cars on independently rotating wheels, with a self-guiding system.
  • Gentle and silent rolling assembly, and smooth side movements, even on the most winding sections of track.

More information about Talgo Uzbekistán: https://www.talgo.com/es/proyectos/uzbekistan-es/afrosiyob/


About Talgo 250

The Talgo 250 trains were born as part of an evolutionary and efficient strategy, consisting of converting towed and conventional trains into modern self-propelled units capable of running at high speed on the new railway infrastructures.

They are also the result of the superposition of Talgo’s unique technologies, such as the aforementioned tilting technology, but also the automatic variable gauge system, which allows high speed to be brought to cities where the new infrastructures have not yet arrived, or the hybridisation to circulate even on non-electrified lines (without catenary).

The result is a unique type of railway in the world: fully interoperable on both conventional and high-speed lines, whatever the track gauge is, with or without electrification and that in Spain forms the majority of high-speed trains that are operated under the commercial brand Alvia.

More information about Talgo T250: https://www.talgo.com/es/material-rodante/alta-velocidad/250/


Press contact
Aída Prados

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