Innovation is in our DNA

From the moment it was formed, Talgo has been inextricably linked with innovation. Indeed the company was established on the basis of a specific innovation - the independently rotating wheelset with guiding system. This was a major creative and entrepreneurial milestone at the time and has remained the foundation of the company's success.

Technological Innovation


Using its idea of an independently rotating wheelset with guiding system as the starting point, Talgo has continually built on this concept to develop various technological innovations which have placed the company at the forefront of the railway sector. These include its variable gauge system (RD), natural tilting, variable gauge for driving axles, bi-axle running gear with independently rotating wheels and high-speed and very-high speed trains. Never straying from our commitment to innovation, we continue to work on disruptive projects that will substantially improve our present and future products.



Talgo trains that are highly competitive in terms of interoperability, capacity, accessibility, efficiency, safety and maintenability.

Cross-sector Solutions


Innovative technological solutions providing sustainable growth are developed.



Shift2Rail (H2020) is the big European initiative focused on advanced technologies into innovative rail product solutions.  

Corporate innovation


In today's market, the concept of innovation must be viewed from a much more global perspective. That is why Talgo takes a cross-sector approach when fostering and developing technological innovations. The company believes that by creating and putting corporate tools and services in place, the seeds of innovation are sown in all areas of the company.