We help your business grow while we discover the future of the mobility industry together


What is Talgo Inspire?

Talgo Inspire is Talgo's Corporate Venturing unit. Our mission is to create and develop projects in collaboration with startups around the world under the venture client model.  This way we work on building agreements with startups with which we share an innovative vision of a sustainable, responsible, and technologically advanced future in the mobility industry.

At Talgo Inspire, we offer you our expertise and our assets to work together for the benefit of clean transport as well as for the present and future of mobility.

We aim to be a booster of innovation in the railway sector. Therefore, we seek to find and work with those startups that have designed disruptive technologies which could improve our products or processes since we want to become the bridge that connects these pioneering ideas with the railway sector, providing opportunities for growth and global expansion. 

We have a clear, agile, and efficient process and we are looking for partners with whom we can challenge convention and reinvent the way we move.

Talgo Inspire is an open door to collaboration and co-creation towards the future of mobility and the railway industry, a sector that is set to become the backbone of mobility in the coming years due to the strong involvement of governments around the world in reducing emissions and enlarging sustainability. In this sense, Talgo, thanks to its light trains and its constant technological reinvention, has become the international reference in the manufacturing of railway rolling stock.

Innovation areas

We seek for startups to develop projects together in the following innovation areas. Let's get to know each other if you have a value proposition for us!

Processes efficiency

Solutions towards optimising and automatising tasks in the company's transversal services (i.e.: accounting, HR, QA, purchasing, etc.) 

Energy efficiency and sustainability

Developing technologies that enable trains and manufacturing methods to be more efficient and sustainable

Mobility of the future

Supporting and discovering new mobility modes and services, developing intermodality and mobility as a service with rail at the heart of it

Industry 4.0

Digitalisation of train manufacturing processes for improved efficiency, quality, and safety

User Experience

Offering solutions that ensure an exceptional and memorable train journey, whether before, during, or after it


Granting 360º accessibility on board our trains, push beyond just improving physical accessibility

Process with startups

  • Send us your proposal

    Fill in our form sharing your value proposition for Talgo

  • We analyse your proposal

    Thoroughly with the experts from the areas involved 

  • 1:1 meeting

    In case it fits our roadmap, we meet to discuss a possible proof of concept 

  • Design of the proof of concept (PoC)

    We define together a use case and the reference KPIs to evaluate the success of the PoC

  • Signature of an agile agreement

    Let’s formalise our partnership through a specific equity-free agreement

  • Proof-of-concept

    The PoC is executed with the support of Talgo's experts

  • PoC evaluation

    The PoC is executed with the support of Talgo’s expert

  • Welcome...

    To the global rail industry!

We are looking for startups that:

  • Have disruptive and innovative products or services which help us to improve our trains and our internal processes regardless of the lack of previous experience working in the mobility sector

  • Want to become a global reference

  • Have unique value propositions

  • Want to discover with us the future of the mobility industry

We are looking for startups that:

What we offer

  • Market with a great present and future

    As a leader in the rail industry, we operate in a market in constant growth and innovation. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of sustainable and cutting-edge transportation solutions that will positively impact global mobility and the environment, and you will be an active part of it.

  • International reach

    Talgo's presence in four continents is a perfect showcase to expand your startup internationally in an efficient and effective way.

  • Access to exclusive assets to test your solution in real environments

    You will be able to access to data and assets within the reach of very few.

  • Experienced professionals to develop your startup

    You will be able to leverage our expertise to optimise your products and services, gained in the company's more than 80 years of history. Talgo has a team of highly specialised professionals in areas such as engineering, business development and strategy.

  • Paid Proof of Concept

    Because we see startups as partners and look for the benefit of everyone, we always cover proofs of concept costs.

What we offer

Innovation areas


Be part of the future