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The share Capital of Talgo S.A. is 41,105,342.00 €, represented by 136,562,598 shares of 0.301 € of nominal value each, being completely subscribed and paid in, and correspongding to a single class. All shares are ordinary and are represented by book entries, and the registration is entrusted to Sociedad de Gestión de los Sistemas de Registro, Compensación y Liquidación de Valores, S.A. Unipersonal (Iberclear), domiciled in Madrid, in the Plaza de la Lealtad nº 1. They are also listed on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia Stock Exchanges and are traded through the Stock Market Interconnection System (Continuous Market).

As of January 31, 2020 Talgo S.A. held 12,257,431 treasury shares, representative of 8.98% of the total share capital. Out of which, a total of 11,735,000 shares representative of 8.59% of the total share Capital correspond to the Share Buy-Back Programme under execution at the indicated date.

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