Very High Speed (up to 330 km/h)

Operating trains at more than 300km/h requires technology and a level of competence which only a few manufacturers in the world possess. Innovations designed to maximise capacity and minimise operating costs as well as two successive decades of uninterrupted operation are the main qualities of our two rolling stock products for global high-speed railway operation: Avril and Talgo 350.

High Speed (up to 250 km/h)

Designed to reach speeds of 250km/h on commercial services, Talgo 250 trains are proven as a reliable and cost-effective option for high-intensity operation on lines that have been partially adapted for high-speed service as well as on conventional lines. They can also be equipped with variable gauge systems and operate on non-electrified lines making them one of the most versatile solutions on the market.


    Talgo is a leading manufacturer of trains for long-distance services on conventional main line infrastructure. Its wide range of push-pull passenger coaches, which are easily accessible, have been certified to operate in several areas of North America, Europe and dozens of Asian countries. The  coaches offer very low operation and maintenance costs, and are adaptable to different operating conditions. They can also be equipped with Talgo's technological solutions, such as the natural tilting system or the Talgo bogies used on Talgo XXI DMUs.

    Regional and Suburban

    Talgo's response to one of the fastest growing areas in the international market is a brand new rage of products, which are designed for high frequency regional and suburban services in metropolitan areas. The excellent weight-power ratio of our new EMU improves acceleration and braking performance, while its superb accessibility reduces the time required to load and unload passengers at each station.

    Power Heads

    Talgo's products are designed to provide traction to all of the rolling stock in its product portfolio. The company also has the  capacity to manufacture various motorised components. For example, the Travca power head is not only entirely developed by Talgo, but it is one of the most interoperable systems available on the market as it can be equipped with Talgo's variable gauge system, multi-system signalling, a multi-voltage traction system, and utilise a diesel engine for last mile operation.