The best night service option for the Russian network

Due to its superior interior facilities, extensive experience in very long-distance services, and an exceptional track-record for maintenance, Russian Railways (RZD) has entrusted Talgo to develop  a train series to provide international rail services from Moscow to various destinations in Central Europe.

RZD is one of the most demanding rolling stock buyers in the world. Besides operating and managing the world's second-largest railway network, with more than 85,000km, it strictly assesses which trains can offer the best result on each route.

Perhaps this is why RZD chose Talgo to manufacture three trains for the complex international service between Moscow and Berlin, which requires the use of an automatic variable gauge system, and four trains for services between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, which entered service in June 2015.

From Moscow to Berlin, with no stops

One of the main reasons why RZD chose Talgo to provide three trains for the future night service between Moscow and Berlin is due to the success of Talgo's automatic gauge change technology, which has successfully operated in several European countries for many years. The system is proven to operate effectively at low temperatures. Talgo has also adapted the design of its cars so they not only comply with the European technical standards, but also with GOST standards used in Russia.

  • Automatic gauge change from 1520mm Russian gauge to 1435mm standard European gauge.
  • Hot air blowing system can adjust the width of the rodal Talgo truck in any climatic condition.
  • Satisfactory tests with up to 15cm of snow on the rail.
  • Operating at high-speeds means that trains can cover 1800km in only 20 hours.
  • Technical interoperability that complies with all standards including GOST, which provides certification for operation in Russia and 14 other countries in the region, European standard (ETIs), and the specific regulations of Poland and Germany, which include, for example, the use of a magnetic brake.

More speed with less investment

As well as their excellent adaptability, RZD chose Talgo to supply four trains for its sleeper services to Nizhny Novgorod because of their lightweight  makeup and the use of  tilting technology, which is supported by a system that provides added interior stability.  Overall these trains provide RZD with flexibility and low operation and maintenance costs when deployed on any route using 1520mm gauge.

  • Maximum speed of up to 200km/h.
  • Lightweight cars that facilitate fast acceleration and reduce energy costs.
  • Total compatibility with any  diesel or electric locomotive.
  • Natural tilting that reduces travel times and offers a more pleasant ride without having to invest in infrastructure improvements.
  • Russia's generous loading gauge enables the use of wider cars, with less free space under the bodyshell.

The best service

The best train trip is one which allows you to make the most of your time on board therefore all sleeper cars manufactured for RZD are equipped with an interior configuration intended for passengers to rest, either in the super-reclining seats or in cabins with berths. This offer is combined with a first-class onboard service.

  • High capacity: 20 cars can transport more than 400 passengers.
  • Air conditioning prepared for thermal oscillations of 80ºC.
  • Gentle rolling assembly: noise and accelerations are less noticeable inside the train.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi access.
  • Bar-buffet car and dining car.
  • Accessible toilets and floor at the same height throughout the entire train.

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