Uzbekistan: Central Asia’s first high-speed train

Since 2011 the Afrosiyob service has connected Tashkent with Samarkand in Uzbekistan using several Talgo 250 sets designed specifically for use on 1520mm-gauge infrastructure. These are Central Asia’s first high-speed trains.

Uzbekistan Railways (Temir Yoʻllari').  Has revitalised its operations following significant investments in infrastructure improvements and the procurement of new rolling stock for its Afrosiyob service, which operates between the country's capital, Tashkent, and one of its most important cities, Samarkand. Named after the founder of the historical city of Samarkand, the new trains have significantly reduced travel times between the two destinations while offering the safest and most comfortable means of travel. The 345km journey can be covered in only two hours instead of the three-and-half-hours it takes using conventional trains.

To increase capacity an additional two 11-car trains were purchased in 2015 and have been already added to the existing two nine-car trains which were purchased in 2009 and entered into service in 2011. These will not only complement current services but also extend them to the south from Samarkand to Qarshi, and to the west towards Bukhara.

High-speed at low cost

The successful application of Talgo’s technology in Uzbekistan has not only provided the best solution given the specific needs of the operator, but also demonstrates that it is possible to implement low-cost high-speed systems that require minimal intervention on the existing rail network. The trains used on the Afrosiyob service demonstrate this by operating at maximum speeds on straight sections of the line, and continuing to operate at reasonably high-speeds through curved sections, which helps to significantly reduce overall travel times.

  • Operating speed of 230km/h in straight line segments.
  • Optimal rounding of curves in the most complicated sections thanks to natural tilting technology.
  • Powerful acceleration and braking to quickly adjust the speed curve to the permissible maximum in each section.
  • Control offered signalling and remote communication systems Club-U and RVS-1.

Durable technology

Afrosiyob trains are equipped with traction equipment developed and manufactured entirely by Talgo. They comfortably comply with strict requirements to operate in Uzbekistan’s harsh weather conditions, which can peak at close to 40ºC during the summer months, and frequently sink below -25ºC during the winter

  • Power rating of 4.8MW and power supply at 25kV 50hz.
  • Propelled by traction technology designed and manufactured by Talgo.
  • Maximum speed of 270km/h, with much lower energy consumption than other trains with the same characteristics.
  • Trains suitable for 1520mm gauge infrastructure which runs from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

Talgo's commitment

With the Series 250 Afrosiyob, Talgo has not only manufactured high-speed trains with the best price/features ratio in the world, but the manufacturer is also committed to ensuring that they receive meticulous daily maintenance. Thus, Talgo guarantees maximum availability and profitability of its high-speed trains to Uzbekistan Railways.

  • A high-tech, specialised workshop is located 25km of Tashkent.
  • Equipped with modern maintenance equipment, including Talgo’s advanced pit lathes.
  • Deployment of preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance techniques to ensure maximum reliability of rolling stock and reduced life cycle costs.

The best on-board service

Afrosyob trains are designed and equipped to offer a far superior service to the equivalent road journey. The nine-car trains (11 in the recently purchased version) are divided into three classes, and are designed to satisfy the specific needs of the operator.

  • Universal accessibility with low floor at the same height throughout the entire train.
  • Seats up to 287 passengers in 11 cars, distributed in three different classes: Standard, Business and VIP.
  • Constant air conditioning and optimal isolation for winter weather.
  • Bar-buffet car and catering facilities at-seat in all classes.
  • Maximum safety due to the layout of articulated cars on independently rotating wheels, with a self-guiding system.
  • Gentle and silent rolling assembly, and smooth side movements, even on the most winding sections of track.

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