TRAVCA: Traction Without Borders 

Travca is a locomotive that stops at nothing; not at different power supplies, track gauges nor signalling systems all of which makes Travca Talgo's most advanced development in the field of traction.

Talgo has not only been the leading global manufacturer in variable gauge technology for rolling stock for the past 50 year, it was also the first train manufacturer to build a locomotive that can adjust the axle gauge without having to stop. Designed to ease passenger traffic at international borders, Travca can also be used for freight transport and in last mile operations without electrification.

All kinds of trains and tracks

Travca has a very low weight per axle, meaning that its running gear easily complies with high-speed track’s demanding maintenance requirements, even when operating at 260km/h.

  • Designed to comply with interoperability specifications on high-speed lines while minimising travel times on conventional lines.
  • Capable of running on tracks with different gauges without having to stop to adjust the axles.  
  • With a maximum speed of 260km/h, Travca can haul trains without affecting traffic flow on saturated high-speed corridors.
  • A modular designs means that the most advanced safety and signalling systems can be installed including ERTMS, LZB, EBICAB, and TVM430.

Dual voltage: any power supply will do

Travca is a dual voltage product meaning it can run on the two most common voltages in Europe and Russia. It is also customisable to run on any other voltage at the operator's request. With a single sign from the cabin, the locomotive is ready to continue its journey.

  • Runs on 3kV dc and 25kV ac electrification.
  • Adaptable to any other voltage
  • Hybrid version for last mile operations on non-electrified stretches simplifies operations..

Lightweight and efficient

As well as guaranteed interoperability, another advantage this high-speed locomotive boasts is its energy efficient design. Travca is 15% lighter than other competing products and can accelerate and reach a speed of 260km/h easily while consuming less energy.

  • A weight of 18 tonnes per axle results in minimal track wear.
  • Reduced power but equal performances: a 3,600kW output offers rapid acceleration.
  • Consumes less electricity and releases fewer air polluting emissions.

Technical features

Maximum speed  
Operating speed up to 250km/h (passenger version)
Configuration Bo-Bo
Track gauge (mm) 1435-1668
Floor height (mm)  
Length (m) 19400
Bodysheel width (mm) 2950
Unladen weight (tonnes) 72  (passenger version)
Number of axles 4
Passengers/ WC  
Power supply 25kV 50Hz ac / 3kV CDC
other power supplies available at client's request

2,400 kW  (25kV, 50Hz) / 2,000kW (3kV dc)

Brakes Regenerative, rheostatic and air brakes
Standard UIC

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