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ENR: adapted to the environment

Winding daily beside Nile River, along more than 1,000 Km, from the Mediterranean Sea to the first waterfall of the great African river: this is how Egyptian National Railways ENR operate the Intercity trains that Talgo has delivered in July 2023. Oftentimes in extreme weather conditions, the application of our exclusive technology and the experience gained from Haramain Project in Saudi Arabia and provide service to almost the entire Egyptian territory, connecting Alexandria, Cairo and Aswan.

Egyptian state company ENR awarded Talgo, in April 2019, a contract for the supply of complete six hauled trains, composed of a locomotive and 14 passenger cars each. The first train started operations in December 2022, and the sixth in July 2023. This means that the trains started commercial operations five months ahead of schedule.

The project, a result of a highly competitive international bid, for the amount of 158 million euros, includes not only the supply of the units, currently in manufacturing process, but also its integral maintenance during 8 years. 

The trains, highly reliable, will run across the backbone of the Egyptian railway system, and will provide potential service to 98% of the population of the country. Both expected intensive use and the demonstrated experience in the manufacturing of train-sets, designed specifically to operate in extreme weather conditions, were key factors so that ENR trusts Talgo.

Resistant to heat

Talgo trains are designed to resist extreme weather conditions, and its technology is certified from -50º to +55ºC. In Egypt, where summer temperature are very high, especially at the south of the country, this feature will be key to guarantee the availability of the trains.

High technology

The selected platform for the manufacturing of trains is Talgo 230: Proven efficiency trains, provided with optimum technological solutions, which run hundreds of millions of commercial service kilometers yearly, in USA, Germany, Russia or Spain.

Spaces designed for people

Each Train of ENR will have capacity for 492 passenger, distributed in two classes: business class and. Besides, the trains will be equipped with a spacious and bright cafeteria, and will have the maximum internal accessibility thanks to spaces specifically designed for people with reduced mobility (PMR), thus they can move fully independently.

Sustainable trains

The cars are constructed on the unique running gear technology of Talgo, allowing manufacturing of trains up to 30% light-weight. This weight reduction results in more efficient consumption, and significant noise reduction, therefore lower negative impact on the environment.