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Haramain, el tren del desierto

Haramain the Desert Train

When Talgo secured the contact to supply high-speed trains for the Haramain project in Saudi Arabia in 2011, the company took on what is probably the most demanding technological challenge in railway history to date: to provide a fleet of high-speed trains capable of operating at 300km/h in the most inhospitable environment on Earth. The Talgo trains, with their unique construction and technical features, are now ready to face the extreme temperatures and the abrasive effects of desert sand.

In 2011, Saudi Arabia awarded a Spanish consortium the construction and operation contract for the 450km high-speed corridor between Mecca and Medina. Talgo was commissioned to provide 35 trains for the service, with an option for supplying a further 23 trains.  Talgo will also be responsible for providing  maintenance for the following 12 years. The train chosen for the Saudi Railways is the Talgo 350.

Designing and manufacturing the Talgo 350 for the Haramain project required the development of many patents including guaranteeing protection from sand and dust, passenger comfort and safety in extreme climates, and ways to reduce wheel and rail wear in the desert.

High-speed to maximise capacity

The Haramain project has been developed to transport a significant share of the more than 11 million pilgrims that travel to and from the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. To properly manage this large number of passengers, operators need to maximise seating capacity and offer a high service frequency.

Under the burning sun

It is common for temperatures to rise above 40ºC in the Saudi desert between the months of May and October. To combat this, Talgo has designed a high-performance air conditioning system that includes an auxiliary power supply in both power heads.

Protected against sand

Talgo has managed to avoid the devastating effects of airborne sand, which acts as an abrasive element on car bodies and windows, and may filter into the insides of the units.

Faster passenger flow

The 450km corridor on which the Haramain operates has five stations. To ensure good operating speeds, trains have to allow passengers to get on and off quickly.

The best travel experience

The carefully designed interiors of the Talgo trains, which meticulously follow the client's instructions, provide passengers on the Haramain high levels of comfort at high-speed, thanks to the layout and the quality of materials used:

Safety reinforced

The Talgo 350 trains destined for the Haramain line are equipped with the most advanced safety systems.

Low consumption and smart maintenance

Due to its design, the Talgo 350 for Saudi Arabia is the most efficient and reliable high-speed train available today.