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Hotel-train: Comfortable overnight travel at 250km/h

The Hotel-Train is Talgo's answer to Renfe's demands for long-distance high-speed overnight trains, which can operate both on high-speed and conventional main line networks. By adapting to any track gauge, and with the flexibility to offer carefully adapted interiors, these trains are suitable for the highest-quality night services currently available around the world.

With the Series 7, Talgo entered the high-speed railway market. The trains guarantee a safe service with utmost comfort when used in locomotive-hauled formation and as a self-propelled multiple unit. They can operate at 220km/h on both the standard international and Iberian gauge tracks and are designed for optimal efficiency. The trains’ lower maintenance and operating costs can help operators to increase profitability and expand the life-cycle of the product to over four decades.

After supplying hundreds of cars to Renfe as part of orders for Series 130 and 730 trains, Talgo supplied a further 10 trains which are arguably the most modern and high-end night trains ever built. On board the Hotel-Trains, passengers can enjoy an immensely comfortable overnight journey - and at high speed.

Dream your travels away

Since 2010, Renfe has possessed a fleet of 200 cars designed for overnight services across the Iberian Peninsula, both for regular services as well as for tourist routes. With all possible conveniences available at-seat as well as within individual cabins, passengers can make the most of their journey - which at times can be close to 1000km long. They are free to rest or work, or to simply sit down in the Bar-Buffet or dining cars and enjoy a chat with other passengers.

Silent and stable rolling assembly

The overnight train's facilities and conveniences are of no use if passengers are unable to rest due to the movement of the train. Talgo's running gear technology minimises contact between wheel and rail, while the guiding system and tilting technology spare passengers from the uncomfortable sensation caused by hunting oscillation, meaning that they barely notice when the train is passing through a curve. Finally, the train's automatic gauge changeover system means that it can switch between conventional and high-speed infrastructure without stopping.

A car for every need

The versatility of Talgo's rolling stock means that the trains Renfe uses for its Hotel-Train and Tourist services can satisfy all the requirements of the 234 passengers using the train's 20 cars. These are manufactured according to the client's specifications or from 30 different options presented in the product catalogue.