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Under the Hollywood stars

Recently, our diversification strategy has led us to explore new market areas and launch new activities in the railway sector. Due to the many decades experience in the long-distance trains maintenance, Talgo was assigned the overall remodeling of the significant part of the LA metro fleet, USA.

LA city intense traffic is one of the most notorious in the US for its legendary jams. This is why the underground railroad in the center of the great metropolis performs as a strategically attractive, alternative transportation means, capable to efficiently reduce the city´s traffic and keep the huge urban city in motion. Trains´ intensive usage allows to suspend metro services for only a few hours per day.

Currently, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) is in charge of a highly diverse fleet, made up of the rolling stock of four railway manufacturers, including both light rail and conventional trains.  In pursuit of the ambitious plan, which is to ensure the reliable and uninterrupted 365 days-per-year operation, LACMTA has developed a modernization program, in which Talgo will have the leading role.

Maximum efficiency

After a more than 25-year-long operation, the A650 metro fleet faces the most common difficulties resultant from its intensive and almost non-stop use: wear and technological obsolescence. Talgo´s task in this case consists in breathing new life into railway vehicles, making them reliable, safe and up-to-date.

Activities diversification and company´s internationalization

This new project proves Talgo´s capacity to successfully keep up to the world´s most competitive markets, and shows its strategy based on geographical and commercial diversification, since the LA metro is the first Talgo´s project related to the urban rolling stock.

Localization plan

Building on its broad experience on the US market which dates back to the mid 90´s, Talgo will develop its own procurement strategy, purchasing all goods and services from local suppliers and contracting the US workforce in order to meet the Buy America program requirements and guarantee maximum service quality.