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Series 730: The train for the entire Iberian Peninsula

Spain's steady expansion of its high-speed railway has created several obstacles to seamless interoperability with the existing network due to differences in the track gauge and a lack of electrification. Series 730 is Talgo's response to Renfe's desire to overcome these obstacles.

In 2007, Renfe entered the Talgo 250 into service, a customised train designed to extend operation from the new high-speed lines to destinations on the conventional network. Excellent commercial results  encouraged Renfe to request that future trains like Series 130 can operate on non-electrified lines.

To satisfy this specific need, Series 730 was modified and the train can now run on all lines in the Iberian Peninsula, connecting Madrid with Galicia, the Region of Murcia or Extremadura, and operate at 250km/h on the high-speed network.

Making trains more profitable

To optimise the use of existing infrastructure and rolling stock, this application of Talgo technology takes Series 130 as a building block, and makes it more versatile by providing two new cars fitted with diesel generators capable of powering the train's traction equipment.

No more obstacles

Series 730 trains are now deployed on lines linking Madrid with Coruña and Vigo. Operation is smooth, with the trains seamlessly alternating between different electrification and signalling systems and track gauges.

The best commercial speed

The Series 730 trains' interoperability features help to significantly reduce travel times. Faster travel is more attractive to the passenger since it increases service value, but also allows the operator to optimise the use of its assets and human resources.