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Talgo XXI, a High Speed Diesel Train

Talgo XXI is at the heart of the technological developments that have led us to manufacture the most reliable lightweight, high-speed trains available on the market today. Modularity is a key feature of Talgo XXI, which is a diesel train capable of achieving speeds of 220km/h

Talgo XXI is the fastest, high-speed diesel train in the world. On June 12 2002, it recorded a speed of 256.38km/h on the Madrid – Barcelona line, exceeding all previous records. As well as this notable achievement, the train possesses a strong service record, safely covering millions of kilometres in Spain each year.

The push-pull design and Series 7 passenger cars provide optimum stability inside the train, while its automatic variable gauge system guarantees obstacle-free travel on the complex Spanish railway network.  These features convinced Spanish infrastructure manager Adif to use the train for close to 15 years for rail inspections on Europe’s most extensive high-speed network.

Technology designed to adapt

The design of Talgo XXI follows the same technological principles as the rest of our trains, but with the goal of creating a platform adaptable to high-speed as well as conventional infrastructure.

Series 7: exported worldwide

Talgo XXI was the forerunner of the most robust series of cars now available within our product catalogue: Series 7, which are now in operation in Spain and Uzbekistan.

A versatile lab

Talgo XXI’s 15 years of service on the Spanish network, including inspection services for Adif, demonstrate its versatility as a vehicle platform. For Adif, the test train has successfully carried out measurements to determine the condition of the track, catenary and electrification system, and to ensure the signalling system is operating correctly.

Technical features