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VITTAL, Suburban and Regional Trains With Maximum Accessibility

Speed, comfort, accessibility, low operation costs and environmentally- friendly performance are all features which define the newest product in the Talgo’s portfolio, VITTAL, its new electric train for suburban and regional operations. Like Talgo’s other trains, VITTAL is an adaptable product defined by its easy-access, which reduces stop times at stations and speeds up boarding and disembarking for passengers.

Effective short distance and inter-city rail services require passengers to board and disembark trains quickly in order to reduce the time spent at stops and stations to maximise operational efficiency. They also need sturdy vehicles which provide the flexibility to lower operating costs. This is why Talgo offers energy-efficient single-deck electric trains, which eliminate the need for passengers, including those with reduced mobility, to use stairs or steep slopes for boarding and alighting trains or for passing between cars.  

Talgo’s Suburban and Regional EMU range offers railway operators from around the world flexible configuration options as well as high levels of comfort and reliability, which is based on Talgo’s years of experience of producing high-speed trains.

An accessible train is a faster train

Talgo’s unique wheel system enables passengers to access its Suburban or Regional trains without having to climb steps or stairs from a 550mm platform. As opposed to conventional trains or those which only have a lowered floor in certain segments - and where passenger flow can face serious obstacles - Talgo can guarantee easy access throughout the entire train:

Less weight, less energy consumption

Talgo's in-house technology makes it possible to reduce the weight of its trains and save energy. For example, its EMU weighs no more than light rail vehicles deployed on tramways, yet the train still possesses the same power and resistance of a train designed for long-distance operations.

Free of barriers and obstructions

Talgo's unobtrusive rolling assembly method barely encroaches on the inside of the vehicle, which helps to optimise loading capacity. With an increased loading capacity, operators are able offer a higher quality of service, defined by an even distribution of passengers and a more comfortable journey experience, particularly during peak times.

A train for every need

Talgo VITTAL is designed to provide medium speed and high-frequency services on Suburban and Regional lines. However, it is also adaptable to the technical requirements of any railway administration on the planet.

Technical features