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Talgo, Leading Manufacturer in Central Asia

Talgo is the leading supplier of locomotive-hauled trains for Kazakhstan and all of Central Asia. After proving the advantages of its technology in 2001, and providing the rolling stock for a new night train service in 2003, in 2010 Talgo secured one of its largest orders to date when KTZ commissioned the company to supply up to 3000 cars over the next decade while also providing maintenance services.

The unquestionable success of Talgo's rolling stock in Kazakhstan since they were introduced in 2003 was the basis for Kazakhstan Railways (KTZ) to  again select Talgo to further enhance its passenger fleet nearly a decade later. Talgo is currently manufacturing 603 wide-bodyshell cars for 21 trains, which will gradually enter service over the next few years.

These sets are part of a framework agreement for the supply of up to 3000 inter-city cars which will replace Soviet-era stock and are the only vehicles   in the world certified to operate at -50ºC. The design of the train increases the interior space, while the cars comply with the interoperability standards of the Eurasian Customs Union, meaning that they are certified to operate in the founding member countries, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Talgo's largest order

The 2010 contract is the largest in terms of volume in the history of Talgo and actually surpasses the cumulative total of cars supplied in all of its previous orders. The order will be carried out in various stages until all 3000 cars are delivered, with almost all of the vehicles manufactured in Kazakhstan. This will establish the Tulpar-Talgo joint venture as the leading manufacturer of rolling stock in Central Asia.

Wider, more comfortable trains

After delivering 17 trains between 2003 and 2013, Talgo is now supplying a further 21 trains comprised of 603 new generation cars, which are specially designed for Kazakhstan. They consist of a new wider carbody to make full use of the ample loading gauge of the KTZ network.

KTZ Experience

As the trains are gradually introduced into service, KTZ is starting to reap the benefits of a higher quality service and a greater frequency of operations on long-distances routes serving the vast Kazakhstan territory.